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The Meaning of a Ritual

In a world of faster, brighter, and more convenient—choosing presence is a conscious act. Little habits we come back to time and again can turn our attention away from the “what ifs” and worries out there to remind us of the sacredness that exists in here. In the present moment, wherever we are, we can choose to be in our own space. That is a profound place. 

Marking the time doesn’t have to be a checklist, but a treasured moment that finds beauty in simplicity. Joy in being alive. Marvel in the mundane. 

Evie S. on Unsplash

Morning and evening rituals can settle our nervous system and prime our creativity for clearer insight, deeper stillness, and a heightened sense of overall wellbeing. In reimagining “routine,” we can freely give ourselves the gift of perspective, recognizing how even small moments at the beginning or end of the day set the tone for our spirit and center us in significance. 

The day will pile on enough distractions of its own. Create space—even in the span of seconds—to come back to what makes you, you, and clear away what’s not meant to stay.

So, then, washing our face isn’t just a chore we’ve been conditioned to complete; it’s the acknowledgement of all that we hold in our hands. Gifts, responsibilities, and capabilities. No one else can make this reflection. Taking care is coming home, when you love your skin.

by Ziza Bauer

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